Owner Lets Python Attack His Puppy (Video)

A China video released March 18 featuring a snake attempting to eat his owner’s puppy has outraged many (video below).

The owner is believed to have purposefully unleashed the Golden Python onto his dog to test if the animal would eat it, the Daily Mail reports.

“The snake surely will not eat it,” a man in the background says before a woman is heard screaming in horror.

It is not clear if the snake ended up swallowing the puppy.

Regardless, the footage disturbed many.

“The individuals involved should cause everyone to be concerned because a lack of empathy and a desire to exert power over the helpless invariably manifests itself in other antisocial ways, including other violent crimes,” Mimi Bekhechi Director of PETA UK said. “We ask that authorities investigate the source of this video and urge anyone with information about the identity of this individual to come forward right away.”

Much of the public agrees.

“The man and woman in this video should be given a death sentence. Do they still have humanity?,” said one user.

However, a few were not fazed by the video.

“Some people find this cruel. However have you eaten meat? If you eat it, it's not cruel but when a python eats it, it is. After all, this is the law of the food chain,” added one user.

Yet in either case, the owner has also now caught the attention of Chinese authorities as owning a Golden Python snake is illegal in the first place.

“Domestic Golden Pythons need approval from the State Forestry Administration. It is an offense to own one,”  explained Xie Yan, associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Zoology.

It’s not the first time a snake has captured international attention for swallowing a pet on video.

In Australia, a python was filmed swallowing a cat, which only took a few minutes, said Daily Mail

“So this would be the second reason to keep your cats enclosed particularly at night,” Brisbane snake catcher Janne Torkkola said.

Sources: Daily Mail(2) /Photo credit: Daily Mail

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