Dog Dangled From Balcony In Disturbing Clip (Video)


An Orange County, Florida, man was arrested for allegedly dangling a dog from a second-floor balcony — an incident that was caught on camera in a disturbing video (below).

In the video, the suspect, identified later as Ransom May II, can be seen dangling the dog over the balcony while others around him watch. At one point, it appears as though another individual attempts to intervene and pull the dog to safety. May holds the dog by the neck for up to two minutes.

The incident occurred at an apartment complex in Orlando, and prompted outrage after the video went viral, WFTV reported. May, 22, turned himself in on April 12 following pressure from police as well as the media. Orlando Police later announced that the dog had been found safe.

Video of the brutal abuse surfaced online on April 6, prompting the investigation.

Animal Services reportedly visited May’s neighborhood on April 11, but nobody in the area would identify him as the person abusing the animal.

"He just doesn't love animals," neighbor Chris Deere told WFTV. "[He] doesn't have no sympathy."

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"I just prayed for that dog to be OK and that's all I could do," witness Zeneida Yulfo said. “Thank god they eventually took him. He left still holding the dog [through it's skin]. So I said, 'I hope to God he didn't kill the dog.'"

In another case of animal abuse, a Knox County, Indiana, man was arrested for the death of two dogs and the neglect of nearly a dozen more inside of his home. Authorities were called to the home after a neighbor reported discovering several abandoned dogs on the property on April 1.

Police later found two more dead dogs: the decomposing skull of one dog was found inside of a trash bag, and the skull of the other dog was found in the front yard. 

"From what I saw, the condition of the house and how much feces was in there and the debris,” Vincennes Animal Shelter director Laura Arial told WISH-TV. “I would guess that they were in there for probably about two years.”

In total, 11 dogs were rescued from the home and taken to an animal shelter.

"There was feces just stuck in their feet and their hair, they were all very thin and a ton of hair loss due to flea infestation,” Arial said. “Several of them had ear infections, two of the females had issues and they had to have emergency surgery.”

Police ultimately arrested resident Gary Dunt on April 11 for the abuse and neglect of the dogs.

Watch the horrifying Florida incident below.

Sources: WFTV, WISH-TV, Facereport/YouTube / Photo credit: Orlando Police/Twitter, WFTV

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