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Dog Groomer Caught Dancing With His Client (Video)

Footage of a merry pet groomer dancing with a dog while giving him a scrubbing has become a viral sensation (video below).

Luis Antonio Caballero, 58, was engaging in his routine of playfully dancing to music while grooming one of his clients when his wife Gabriela decided to film him.

“I stepped away to make some tea and returned to find Luis dancing,” Gabriela told The Dodo. “He didn’t realize I was there, so I took out my phone and started recording. This is just a normal day here.”

The video shows Luis giving a dog a thorough cleaning while bouncing on his feet to the tune of the B-52’s 1980s pop song, “Love Shack.”

Luis’ happy dance hits a peak in adorability when he takes the dog’s arms into his hands and dances with him. The soaped-up pooch is visibly happy.

The Caballeros are the proud owners of PetShop Perrito Feliz, a pet grooming salon in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The name of their business translates to "happy puppy." Watching the footage of Luis grooving with a pup, it's not hard to see why pets are so happy at his salon.

After they uploaded the footage of Luis dancing with his client on their official Facebook page, the video became a viral hit.

“I diiiiiied, haha, this is how you bathe your pets,” Gabriela wrote on their Facebook page, as translated by the Daily Mail. “A happy puppy, hahaha, go Lu.”

As of Sept. 5, the video has enjoyed more than 4.7 million hits, 57 thousand shares and 25 thousand likes on Facebook, with viewers delighted by Caballero’s irrepressible joy and dance moves.

Not only are the Caballeros skilled canine stylists, but they also dedicate their time to making a difference in the lives of stray dogs. Luis spends his free time patrolling the streets of Buenos Aires, taking in homeless dogs and finding them loving homes.

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“We are a family dedicated to the dogs,” Gabriela said. “He loves them, and they love him.”

Sources: Daily MailThe Dodo, PetShop Perrito Feliz/Facebook / Photo Credit: Facebook via Best Buzz HD New/YouTube

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