College Student Responds To 'Good Guy' Note (Photos)


After reading an anonymous note from a "good guy," a college student decided to reply with a message of her own.

Megan, a 22-year-old student at New Mexico State University, was in her dorm on Jan. 29 when she noticed a note written by someone who referred to himself as a "good guy," BuzzFeed reports.

"More than likely it was one of the guys in the dorm, but I've never run into anyone who behaved as described in the note," Megan said.

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In the note, the man accused women of “fear[ing] the good guys,” and said he wants “a chance to help [them] be less afraid of the world.”

“I guess we’ll have to just suffer through watching you get broken over and over by the scum you think you love,” the note read.

Megan wrote a rebuttal and posted a photo of the two letters online because “the ‘nice guy’ attitude is getting old.”

“You know what I really want?” Megan wrote in her response. “I want respect. […] We’re people. Keep holding doors open, keep being friendly, just don’t expect things in return; you aren’t owed anything by this world.”

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Various commenters agreed with the sentiment of Megan’s rebuttal.

“If I need help I'll ask for it,” Nita Gale wrote. “I don't spend my days pining for a white knight to rescue me.”

“[T]he whole 'nice guy/friendzone' mentality is so creepy,” Kavery wrote. “[T]he guys who claim they are the nicest ones are always the most concerning.”

“Helping people with their shopping and opening doors is just a kind thing to do,” Joshua Bebbington wrote. “The gender of the person you're helping should be irrelevant.”

Megan said the actions described in the original note do not determine whether someone has good intentions when it comes to women.

“People need to realize that doing good things just to get attention is wrong,” Megan said. "The intent behind the action is what makes it ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ People need to start treating women like real people. That only happens if this sort of behavior is brought to light.”

Although she did not expect her response to go viral, she is glad that more people are able to see her message.

“Even if the guy who posted the note didn’t see [my rebuttal] or take it seriously, at least someone else would see it,” Megan said. “Maybe what I said would change someone’s mind.”

According to BuzzFeed, Megan's response was posted to Twitter by someone else around mid-March, and the post was retweeted over 13,000 times within a week.

Sources: BuzzFeed (2) / Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

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