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Chrissy Teigen Lashes Out Against 'Mommy Shamers' (Photos)

Chrissy Teigen is lashing out against those criticizing her once more for how she parents her baby.

On Oct. 29, many judged the model for the way she holding baby Luna in a photo, BuzzFeed reports.

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"I do not give a c--- where that baby popped out from!" exclaimed another Twitter user, adding that she almost grew up deformed because her arm was dislocated as a baby. "Do not hold a baby like a handbag!"

"Well you hold your handbag like a f------ idiot then," Teigen shot back.

"Let me know how you hold your baby when she's about the go into a stroller and there are 20 camera flashes at night," added Teigen.

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Still, people continued berating the mother.

"This is not how a baby is held," agreed another person.

Again, Teigen wasn't fazed.

"Really," she said in response to the latter comment. "Because that's how i'm f------ holding her."

Teigen later explained she responded to these comments because she is staunchly against "mommy shaming."

"I despise mommy shamers," Teigen, who has been criticized multiple times for the way she parents since giving birth. "I am a proud shamer of mommy shamers."

Her husband, musician John Legend, also shares similar sentiments, Today reports.

"If you're saying she's a terrible parent for leaving the child at home -- and she's not, obviously -- but if you're going to say it to her, then say it to me, too," he said.

"Funny there's no dad-shaming," he added on Twitter. "When both of us go out to dinner, shame both of us so Chrissy doesn't have to take it all. We'll split it."

Teigen and Legend are not the only ones sick of "mommy shamers."

"Motherhood and parenting are shame minefields," writes blogger and coach Gina Osher on her website, Twin Coach. "Everyone feels that they are an expert and won't hesitate to make you feel bad for your choices."

"I hate that parenting has become a competitive sport," she adds while urging other women to show more empathy and compassion. "It's tough enough without the eye-rolling, whispers and self-doubt."

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