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Clinton Doll Hanging From 'Noose' Sparks Controversy (Photo)

In addition to pumpkins and apple cider donuts, Pleasant View Orchards also sells what many see as a disturbing new addition: the Lyin' Hilary Doll. 

The store in Smithfield, Rhode Island, is sparking nationwide controversy with its new item, Providence Journal reports.

The 11.5-inch doll costs $24.95 and the Hillary Clinton effigy -- according to some -- is positioned to look as if she is being hanged by a noose. 

After squeezing it, the doll mutters a myriad of phrases like "Not a single one of my emails was classified" or "I don't believe I ever lied -- to the public."

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Right next to the controversial doll, the store hung a Trump sign reading "Make America Great Again."

Many customers were outraged, taking to Yelp and Facebook to call it "a despicable display of misogyny" and a "public lynching display."

"I cannot support a bigoted business such as this one," wrote one customer on Yelp. "Having a doll of Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, with a noose around her neck? That is not only so disrespectful but misogynistic and hateful."

"Please patronize the good folks," she encouraged readers. "Hate does not deserve their money."

Others left the store five-star reviews in support.

"I'm sure that most of the people who are butthurt over the Hillary doll have never even been to this store," one user said. "I'm betting you got a big laugh over all the foul crap that came out about Bush but that's different right? It's a great store and it'll still be in business long after you get over yourselves. Get a life!"

Store owner Tony Polseno Jr., 81, says he doesn't see the big deal.

"Everyone who comes in here loves it," he said. "[If you don't like it] then look the other way."

"They're making it look like I want to hang people," he added. "I don't do that ... We don't want to be mean. We don't want to offend anyone. If we offend anyone, I'll take it down."

His wife, Camella Polseno, did find the doll problematic and said she had urged her husband to take it down.

"[He] didn't mean to hang it by the neck," she said.

And while she may have told him to take the doll away, she isn't a big fan of Clinton and said she "wanted to punch" the doll.

Sources: Providence Journal, Yelp / Photo credit: Paula R. Lively/Flickr, Lyin Hilary Clinton

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