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Trump Supporters Vow To Boycott New 'Star Wars' Film

Many President-elect Donald Trump supporters have announced that they will be boycotting the new "Star Wars" film, "Rogue One," due to rumors that the film will include anti-Trump messages.

Trump supporters first became outraged after "Rogue One" screenwriter and Oscar-nominee Chris Weitz shared a vague anti-Trump message on Twitter. 

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According to the Daily Mail, Weitz posted a photo of the Rebel Alliance insignia with a safety pin through it shortly after Trump won the presidential election. Following the election, the safety pin became a symbol of solidarity with minorities, women, and immigrants.

Weitz captioned the photo: "Star Wars against hate. Spread it."

The tweet was enough to upset Trump supporters. 

Then rumors surfaced that the film had been rewritten to include anti-Trump messages.

The rumor first came from Trump supporter Jack Posobiec, who tweeted, "Star Wars writers rewrote and reshot Rogue One to add in Anti Trump scenes calling him a racist. Disgusting. #DumpStarWars"

The rumor and hashtag began to spread from there and soon, many Trump supporters were promising to boycott the film.

"Writers of new Star Wars said people who vote for Trump support Hitler," alt-right member Mike Cernovich wrote in a Tweet. "If you still give them your money, shameful. #DumpStarWars"

Disney CEO Bob Iger responded to the rumors when speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the film's premiere.

"I think the whole story has been overblown and, quite frankly, it's silly," Iger said. "I have no reaction to [this] story at all. Frankly, this is a film the world should enjoy. It is not a film that is, in any way, a political film. There are no political statements in it, at all."

Prior to Posobiec's tweets about the film, there was no evidence to prove the claims. 

Weitz tweeted a response to the rumors after the spread of the #DumpStarWars hashtag. 

"A thought for the end of the day: @jackprosobiec is a liar. But then you know that, Jack," Weitz wrote on his Twitter page.

As Fox News notes, Posobiec was a major proponent of the false "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory. The spread of the theory led a man to fire a gun into a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant from which the theory says major figures in the Democratic party ran a child sex ring. The gunman said he wanted to "self-investigate" the claims.

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