Dog Can't Stop Smiling Despite Getting Stung By Wasp

Pictures of a Golden Retriever who cannot stop smiling despite being stung by a wasp have gone viral on social media.

Natthathida Nilbut, of Bang Saen in Thailand, has been sharing pictures of her Golden Retriever on Instagram and Facebook and has received tons of responses, the Daily Mail reported.

Nilbut took her dog to the veterinarian on March 20 after the Golden Retriever was stung by a wasp. She took some pictures of her dog that day and those photos have since gone viral.

The Golden Retriever appears to have a bit of a puffy face due to the sting. Despite its condition, the dog can’t stop smiling.

The pictures garnered over 23,000 likes and 6,100 shares in four days.

Several social media users commented and shared pictures of their own beloved pets with different stings and bites.

Sources: Daily Mail, Facebook / Photo Credit: Natthathida Nilbut/Facebook (2)

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