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Woman Allegedly Murdered Husband Three Hours After He Obtained A Restraining Order

A Pennsylvanian woman was charged with criminal homicide for shooting and killing her husband just three hours after he had obtained an emergency restraining order against her.

Patricia Katchur, 55, admitted to shooting and killing her husband, Christopher Katchur, 52, on May 13, and was arrested by Allegheny County Police shortly after the homicide.

The couple had been estranged after a physical altercation on Saturday, May 9. During the fight, Patricia smashed things inside their house and burned up their marriage certificate before leaving, according to Christopher’s petition for a 10-day protective order.

Patricia moved in with her sister, but returned to the house she shared with Christopher in McKeesport to pick up some of her belongings on May 13.

Christopher initially kept Patricia from entering the house, saying that she “came to the door heavily sedated,” according to Daily Mail. Patricia then called the police, who let her into the house to gather her things. After Christopher informed the responding officers that his wife was in possession of two licensed guns, they advised Christopher to obtain a Protection from Abuse Order, which he did that day.

Night court Judge Hanley granted Christopher the order around 5 p.m. at the Pittsburgh Municipal Courts building, according to court records. Hanley strongly suggested that Christopher have the local police serve the order to his wife, but Christopher believed that he was safe, because he had changed the locks on the house, according to Daily Mail.

Patricia reportedly returned to the house while Christopher was gone, broke in by removing an air conditioner unit and crawled through a window. She was armed with two guns.

After taking a sleeping pill, Patricia fell asleep, and that is how her husband found her when he came home. He yelled at her to leave before going outside to sit on the front porch. Patricia followed him and allegedly shot him at 7:22 p.m.

When police officers arrived and questioned Patricia, she told them that the shooting had not been an accident. Christopher was pronounced dead at 7: 30 p.m.

“It's scary because I have a little girl and I didn't want to live in a neighborhood where a lot of violence was going to happen,” said Kayla Doratio, a resident in the neighborhood.

Patricia was arraigned on May 14 and is being helped without bond.

Sources: Daily Mail, Trib Live News

Image source: WPXI


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