Pennsylvania Woman Posts Nude Photos Of Husband’s Girlfriend On Facebook, Hits Reporter Outside Court (Video)


A Pennsylvania woman who admitted to posting nude photos of her husband’s new girlfriend online attacked a local television reporter outside a Hanover Township court Tuesday.

According to the Daily Mail, 54-year-old Julie Ottaviani hacked into her husband's computer and cell phone in January and stole naked photos of his girlfriend, which she then sent to the woman’s 14-year-old son.

Ottaviani pleaded guilty to charges of corruption of minors and criminal use of a computer.

As she left, a Newswatch 16 reporter asked her if she wanted to apologize for what had happened.

That’s when she grabbed his microphone and then hit reporter Bill Wadell in the face with her purse as family members attempted to block the camera.

According to WNEP-TV, Hanover Township police are investigating the incident outside of the court.

Gary Ottaviani, the defendant’s ex-husband, told police in January that someone hacked into his Yahoo email account and copied two nude pictures of his girlfriend he had sent to his email from his cell phone, police said.

Julie Ottaviani created a Facebook account under the name Chris Richardson, then added the girlfriend’s son as a friend.

The 14-year-old was curious, so he looked at the page and ended up seeing naked photos of his mother, police say.

Julie Ottaviani initially accused her ex-husband of doing it and making it look like she did, police said.

She eventually told police the truth after investigators questioned her about the fake Facebook account, saying that she wanted to get her ex-husband’s girlfriend fired, police said.

Police also said that she sent out friend requests to friends of her ex-husband’s girlfriend so that they could see what kind of a person she really was.

Footage of the incident outside the court was posted on YouTube by WNEP TV and was accused by Corey Ottaviani of being “brutally [edited]” and that the reporter had “grabbed her first.”

He said Julie Ottviani had a clean record but suffered from a “severe mental disease” and went through a “bad divorce.”


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