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Pennsylvania Woman Fined $500 for Swearing In Court After Jury Assignment

Jury duty may not be for everyone, but one Pennsylvania woman now faces a $500 fine for audibly and explicitly voicing her displeasure at being chosen.

Kathleen Port of Eerie, Pa., “audibly harrumphed the worst curse word of them all, then huffed and puffed her way to her seat in the jury box,” according to the Eerie News-Times.

When lawyers told Judge Ernest DiSantis about what happened, he called Port to the bench, threw her off the jury, scolded and then fined her $500 - holding her in contempt of court.

According to the News-Times:

“If she does not pay up within 90 days, DiSantis said he would consider jailing her. That is likely not an idle threat. In 2010, DiSantis jailed a juror for 24 hours after the man declared the defendant guilty before the trial had even begun.

“DiSantis said Port would remain in the pool of those eligible for jury summons. He suggested if she is called to serve in the future, she does not ‘pull that kind of stunt,’ again.”

"It denigrates the jury system," said Disantis to Port about her actions, calling her, “totally out of line,” after she said she was “pissed” about losing income being away from work.

Sources: Fox News, The Eerie News-Times


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