Pennsylvania Troopers Shoot, Kill Dog, Owner Says 'Excessive Force' (Video)

Jeff Blitz allowed his 7-year-old Rottweiler to run around outside his Lower Windsor Township, Pa., home last Thursday. That decision ultimately led to tragedy.

Blitz claims that he was working in his garage, when he heard some gun shots (video below).

"[State Troopers] shot the dog and then walked over to the garage," Blitz told ABC 27. "The dog came around to me and [the state trooper] said, 'You better calm down.' I said, 'Calm down? You just killed my dog.'"

Law enforcement was at Blitz's house to serve a warrant on his daughter, who no longer lives in there.

Blitz claims the state troopers shot his dog before knocking on his door to identify themselves.

However, they claim the dog charged at a trooper who fired three shots, one of which hit the Rottweiler.

Blitz believes the state trooper used excessive force. Blitz added that his dog was not aggressive, was licensed and had never been cited for being vicious.

One piece of physical evidence is the bullet hole in the dog's side, which Blitz cites as proof that his dog was not attacking the trooper face-first, notes Examiner.com.

An investigation into the shooting is underway.

Sources: Examiner.com and ABC 27


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