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Pennsylvania Trooper Suing Pittsburgh Police Over Violent Arrest (Video)

A Pennsylvania state trooper is suing the City of Pittsburgh and four police officers for allegedly filing false charges and using excessive force in a September 2014 incident.

Trooper David Williams was attending a wedding reception when a fight broke out between the groom, who is Williams' brother, and an unidentified man.

Pittsburgh police officers, who showed up at the scene, claimed Williams ignored their orders to stand back and fought with the officers.

Williams was jailed for 17 hours and suspended from his job for 10 days without paythe Associated Press reported. Prosecutors then dropped the charges, which included rioting and aggravated assault.

Williams' attorney, Tim O’Brien, claimed police officers assaulted Williams and released a surveillance video (below) of the incident.

The video shows a discussion between a group of Pittsburgh police officers and Williams. At one point, the police wrestle Williams to the ground. One officer appears to be kicking him.

“Throwing him to the ground, punching him in the head, kicking him in the groin -- and for that conduct, he was then charged with criminal offenses that he didn’t commit in an effort to justify these abusive tactics,” O’Brien told CBS Pittsburgh.

Williams said in a statement through O’Brien: "These officers’ false reports destroyed my reputation, traumatized my family and nearly caused me to lose my job and my liberty. If I hadn’t discovered the surveillance videotape, I might never have been able to clear my name."

Sources: CBS Pittsburgh, Associated Press / Image Credit: CBS Pittsburgh Screenshot


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