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Pennsylvania Town Moves to Regulate Private Gun Ownership

Residents of Kennett Township in Pennsylvania, where gunshots can be regularly heard from target practicing neighbors, has moved to regulate gun usage over concern of stray bullets and the intrusive noise.

The township began discussing the issue in June, when a number of residents attended a Board of Supervisors meeting to complain about a neighbor who shot his gun “at all hours of the day”.

Lee Fulton, one of the residents who filed a complaint, said that while it’s important for people to use their property the way they want, a degree of safety must be enforced.

Neighbors called police several times and told the board that homebuyers would shy away from Kennett because of the gunshots.

While Pennsylvania restricts local government from regulating lawful ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of guns, the board found that several state municipalities enforced laws restricting gun ownership on private property, many of which had not been struck down.

The board also argued that they were charged with protecting the health and safety of residents.

The proposed restriction would prohibit residents from firing within 150 yards of an occupied residence and within 100 yards of a property line.

Gun owners would also be required to have a backstop that falls within the National Rifle Association guidelines and would be prohibited from shooting between sunset and 8 a.m.

Sources: Philly, Daily Local


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