Pennsylvania Thief Returns Pictures Of Woman's Dead Son (Photo)

Many would be upset if their tablet and phone were stolen, but for Pennsylvania woman Patricia Harris, it was the loss of her phone's memory card that truly upset her. Luckily for her, the memory card, which contained irreplaceablepictures of her dead son, was returned by the thief out of guilt.

Harris wrote a plea in the York Daily Record begging for the thief to return her memory card after it was stolen. She wrote that her 2-month-old son had died this year.

Harris urged the thief to keep the tablet and phone, but asked that her pictures be returned. She posted flyers around Philadelphia and left an open pencil box on her front porch hoping the memory card would be returned.

"I feel like I'm losing him all over again," Harris said. "I want [the pictures] back."

On June 2, Harris' pleas were answered when she discovered the memory card dangling from a visor in her car.

"It's back," Harris said. "It's really back."

The thief reportedly attempted to use Harris' credit card at a nearby store, but she reported that she was merely relieved to have her pictures back.

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Sources: NY Daily News, Daily Mail


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