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Former Second-Grade Teacher Jailed For Sexual Assault Of Female Students

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A former Pennsylvania educator has been charged with sexually assaulting a dozen of his students. He was sentenced on Tuesday.

Paul Hochschwender, 55, has been sentenced to one to two years in prison along with 10 years of probation after he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting dozens of young girls in the Darby Township Elementary School in Glenolden, Pennsylvania, ABC 6 reported.

He has also been ordered to register as a sexually violent predator for the rest of his life and has been banned from ever teaching again.

Though prosecutors have made mention of 12 victims, more have come forward claiming to have been assaulted by the former teacher, according to The Delco Times.

All of the assaults occurred over 14 years.

His victims’ ages ranged from 6 to 10 years old. Hochschwender was a second-grade teacher at the time of his assaults, and has two kids of his own.

Psychologist Melanie Cerone was called upon as an expert witness in the case. She told the court that Hochschwender coerced the children into being sexually assaulted by leveraging the fact that he was a teacher. He did this throughout several classrooms and schools throughout the area.

According to Cerone's testimony, the former teacher reportedly groomed his victims by offering them candy and whispering to them. He eventually escalating his behavior to touching their chest, genitalia, and buttocks.

Source: DelcoTimes, ABC

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