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Pennsylvania Teacher To Lose Job After Girl With Cerebral Palsy Injured

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A Pennsylvania teacher is expected to lose their job after a girl with cerebral palsy was injured.

The student, Samantha "Sammie" Dreisbach of Levittown, Pennsylvania, fell face first out of her wheelchair after it hit a curb during an activity at her school, Levittown News reports. Sammie was attending a Bucks County Intermediate Unit (BCIU) class at Pennsbury High School East on Sept. 11 when the incident occurred. 

Sammie’s family has claimed that the teacher of her class is responsible for the injury.

The injury left Sammie, 15, out of school for several weeks, according to her father, Steven Dreisbach, who spoke with the Bucks County Courier Times. She suffered abrasions to her face, arms and knees, and a cut on her lip required stitches.

Following the accident, Sammie’s mother, Bonnie Dreisbach, posted photos of her injured daughter on Facebook, according to Levittown News. As of Oct. 7, the post was shared over 21,000 times.

“Sending my child to school then having them neglect her and this is what I am dealing with,” Bonnie wrote in the Facebook post. “And nothing can be done about it.”

On Oct. 6, police noted that no criminal action will be taken against the teacher. However, a spokesperson for Bucks County Schools confirmed that termination proceedings against the teacher were in progress.

“BCIU takes seriously its responsibility to safely care for all students in all of our programs,” the spokesperson wrote in a statement. 

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Sources: Levittown News, NBC News, Bucks County Courier Times

Photo Credit: Bonnie Efaw Dreisbach


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