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Pennsylvania Shooting: Gunman Rockne Newell Opens Fire at Ross Township Meeting, Three Dead

At least three people were killed in Pennsylvania when Rockne Newell opened fire during a monthly town meeting Monday evening and shot randomly, according to Monroe County Emergency Management.

Newell disrupted the Ross Township meeting when he shot through a wall, sending plaster everywhere, and hit one board of supervisors member in the head and two more in the stomach. A fourth person was shot through the leg and remained in surgery late Monday night.

Pocono record Reporter Chris Reber, who was attending his first township meeting, wrote that he crawled out a side door and took cover behind an SUV during the shooting. Newell returned to the parking lot, clad in a Hawaiin shirt, and searched for another weapon when Reber realized Newell was the shooter.

The carnage came to a halt when Space Commission Executive Director Bernie Kozen tackled Newell to the ground, wrestled the weapon from his hand and shot Newell with his own gun.

"He walked by me into the meeting room, I guess to shoot more people," Kozen said. "That's when I came up behind him and wrestled the gun from him.”

Newell was taken to the hospital in a stretcher, still conscious.

In previous stories, accounts of Newell and town officials arguing over building permits and sewage lines are recorded. While an investigation is still underway, officials expect that the stories are related to Newell’s outrage.

Sources: Fox News, NY Daily News


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