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Pennsylvania School Asks Parents' Permission To Give Students Oreo Cookies (Photos)


A mother in Pennsylvania posted a photo to Twitter of a head-scratching permission slip she received from her child's school.

The letter from a teacher informed parents that in science class, students were learning about the movement of the tectonic plates. The teacher wanted to incorporate hands-on activities to help convey the lesson being taught, and had an idea to use Oreo Double Stuf cookies as part of the presentation.

"The students will model plate movement and observe earth's features that occur as the plates move in this simulation lab. They will be using a Double Stuf OREO to simulate the 3 types of plate boundaries and the geographical features that are created at the boundary. The students may eat the OREO after the investigation if this is okay with you. The students do NOT have to eat the OREO if they do not wish to."

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The letter then listed the ingredients of the cookie and asked parents to sign the slip, and return it back if they are comfortable with their children eating the cookie for the presentation. 

In a time when issues over child health are becoming more and more debated, many people feel that actions such as this being taken could be considered extreme. Do you think the teacher was right to ask parents' permission before allowing students to eat the Oreo cookies?

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