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Pennsylvania Professor Fired After Making Oral Sex ‘Joke’

Robert Ammon Jr., a former professor at Pennsylvania's Slippery Rock University, went down a slippery slope when he took his students on a Spring Break trip to Spain back in 2010.

The professor allegedly accompanied his 19 students to a bar where he proceeded to disclose a little too much personal information, including how many women he had slept, and of those near 100 partners, how many came after his marriage to his wife.

Later during that same party, he was asked who his personal favorite student in the class was. He reportedly declared that a particular female student who was with them on the trip would be his favorite "if she sucked his d---."

That July, Ammon was dismissed from Slippery Rock for "unprofessional conduct," and specifically for being “intoxicated with students and for making inappropriate sexual comments to and about students."

As part of his response to these charges, Ammon said his words that night were “unprofessional” simply because he was intoxicated and “characterized his comments as ‘trash talk,’ not harassment.”

As it goes, the union Ammon belonged to, The Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculty, challenged Ammon’s dismissal from the school. It was no dice, though, as back in 2006, “the university had reprimanded Ammon for sexually harassing a student, and he had agreed to resign if such conduct were repeated in the future.”

The court ruled the school was “within its rights” to dismiss Ammon, as the former professor had been warned previously of what would happen if repeated past mistakes.

Ammon could not be reached for further comment.

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