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Pennsylvania Police Tase, Kill Man Who Yelled Obscenities (Video)

Jose Paulino was tased by police last Friday in Amaqua, Pa., and subsequently died on the way to a local hospital.

Pennsylvania State Police Trooper David Beohm told WFMZ (video below) that Paulino was outside a gas station and mini-mart "running around, yelling obscenities, and the employee of the market and a bystander called 911."

When two officers showed up, the unarmed 38-year-old man allegedly wouldn't comply with their orders, so they shocked him with a taser gun several times. Two more police officers arrived on the scene and called an ambulance.

Pennsylvania State Police would not identify the officers involved in the incident, notes WNEP.

"I don't know if he went into cardiac arrest or what happened," added Trooper Beohm. "The autopsy is generally going to be able to tell us, was he under the influence of something? What was going on with him that could create this condition?"

However, Trooper Beohm did not mention the very real possibility of the police tasers killing Paulino, which has happened in America for years.

WFMZ reports that Paulino had previous convictions for disorderly conduct and theft. In 2012, he was charged with stalking and child luring, but those charges were dropped.

Police made no mention of Paulino threatening any officers, only that he was being "aggressive," noted WNEP.

"I know my husband didn't deserve to die," Paulino's wife told WFMZ. "He was a father and an amazing person. He was my everything; he loved life and would help anyone in need. He didn't deserve this."

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Sources: WNEP, WFMZ


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