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Pennsylvania Police Searching For Man Who Threw Female Cop Over Guard Rail During Traffic Stop

Police in Pennsylvania are searching for a man they believe assaulted a female officer during a traffic stop Wednesday and threw her over a guard rail. 

West Penn Township Sgt. Melissa Ruch was thrown down a 35-foot embankment alongside Route 309 after stopping for what she thought was a disabled car on Wednesday, WPVI News reported.

Police said in statement on Wednesday that as Ruch approached the car, a man came from around the vehicle, grabbed her, and threw her over the rail before speeding off. 

An alert tone from her communications equipment notified others that she may have been injured and emergency personnel were called to the scene, Lehigh Valley Live reported. She was airlifted to Lehigh Valley Hospital. 

Ruch is believed to have used her stun gun on her assailant, according to Lehigh Valley Live. 

Her injuries are not life threatening, according to WPVI. 

“Her shirt is like sliced from — we don't know what it's sliced yet from,” State Police Trooper David Boehm told WNEP News, describing Ruch’s injuries.

“The person that we're looking for is a Hispanic male, 6’2” to 6’4”, 240 to 260 pounds,” Boehm said. “He was wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans, the kind that go way down below your knees and possibly in a dark colored Nissan Maxima.”

Anyone with information to share about the incident is encouraged to call 570-668-6100.

Sources: WPVI News, Lehigh Valley Live, WNEP News

Photo credit: West Penn Township Police via WNEP News, Andrew Leibenguth/Twitter


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