Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler Uploads Apology for Profanity-Laced, Gun-Firing Video (Video)


The mayor of Gilberton, Pennsylvania has stood behind her city’s police chief despite his threatening video laced with profanity and gun shooting.

The video, in which police chief Mark Kessler tells viewers who were upset by his previous profane videos to “go f*** yourself,” has received widespread attention.

Kessler can also be seen angrily shooting several guns into the distance.

Mayor Mary Lou Harmon said that though she or the city council members may not agree with Kessler, the city would not squash his freedom of expression.

In another video on basic pistol defense, Kesler shot a picture of a scary clown that looked like Nancy Pelosi. He also called Secretary of State John Kerry “a c***sucker” before firing off an automatic weapon.

On his Facebook page Tuesday, Kessler called for a rally to show “these tyrants” that they cannot violate any more constitutional freedoms.

“Democrats are the true enemy of our country, our freedoms, our constitution,” Kesler wrote, “along with liberal news agency’s, liberal news reporters, much like Hitler’s Nazis, time we clean these anti-American thugs from office.”

Former Scranton police chief Dan Duffy stated that Kesler’s behavior was appalling, saying that it was the exact thing an officer shouldn’t do in public. Duffy called the video an embarrassment to police.

When contacted for comment, Kesler said that the video expressed support of the Constitution, and that people were making a “mountain out of a molehill.”

Sources: MSN, Raw Story


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