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Pennsylvania Nurse Jennifer Whalen Charged After Getting Abortion Drugs For 16-Year-Old Girl

A nurse in Pennsylvania faces charges after she ordered abortion pills from an overseas drug store to give to a pregnant girl who reportedly didn’t want to go to a hospital.

According to The Daily Item, Jennifer Whalen faces charges of intentionally, knowingly and recklessly performing an abortion on another while not being a doctor, not obtaining a determination by a doctor whether an abortion was necessary, dispensing and distributing an abortion-inducing drug to a girl, endangering the welfare of children, and simple assault.

WNEP reports that state police said that the 38-year-old Whalen, who works a nursing home, bought the pills from an overseas online pharmacy in January of 2012 and gave them to the teenager.

Court papers indicate that the teen did not have health insurance and did not want to go to the hospital to have the procedure. Whalen reportedly told the teen that the abortion pills she ordered online, allegedly for $45, would be the same ones used in the hospital.

Around two weeks after the teen took the abortion pills she had severe stomach pains and was taken to Geisinger Medical Center. Doctors said she had a miscarriage.

Police said the drugs that Whalen allegedly purchased online are to be obtained only in the U.S. with a physician’s prescription and to be taken under direct care of a physician to avoid risk to the patient. Whalen reportedly told authorities that she didn’t obtain a prescription because she didn’t know a prescription was required.

Whalen’s relationship to the teenage girl was not yet known.

Sources: WNEP, The Daily Item


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