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Pennsylvania Mom Charged With Feeding Baby Vodka

A Pennsylvania mother is in hot water after she brought her 13-month-old baby to the hospital with a .289 blood alcohol level -- an amount over three times the legal driving limit in most states. 

Jessica Bachmaier told police that a friend was babysitting her daughter, Nevaeh, on the night of the incident while she worked at her second shift job. When Bachmaier came home, she fed her daughter a bottle with formula, milk and what she thought was water. It turns out the water bottle was filled with vodka. Immediately after feeding her daughter the bottle, Bachmaier could tell something was wrong.

“Her motor skills weren’t there,” she said. “She wasn’t cooperating, she was like a limp noodle.”

When Bachmaier took Nevaeh to the hospital, doctors told her that the child had a nearly-fatal amount of alcohol in her system. Bachmaier denied she was aware that she fed Nevaeh vodka.

Although the child has since recovered, police are not inclined to believe Bachmaier’s plea of ignorance. She was charged on Tuesday with endangering a child and furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Nevaeh has been placed in foster care until the case is settled.

Sources: 11 Alive, Fox News


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