Pennsylvania Mom Calls Out Target For Problems With Girl's Shorts, And Target Responds


A Pennsylvania mom penned an open letter to Target out of frustration after realizing some things about the disparity between their children’s sizes.

Stephanie Glese took to her blog “Binkies & Briefcases” to discuss shorts that she thought were too short for a four-year-old girl to be wearing. She also pointed out, in her open letter to Target, titled "A Target Intervention On Behalf Of My Daughters," that the boy’s extra small size short was the same length as the girl’s large size short.

“I was irritated because the crotch was the longest part of every single pair of shorts offered in the toddler section of your store,” Glese wrote in her letter. “I asked other moms on my Facebook page if they were as irritated by this as I was, and it was immediately greeted with similar feedback from other moms who are not happy with this situation either. So, can we do something about this please? Because all we want to do is continue spending money at your store without exposing our daughters’ precious assets.”

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Glese’s letter made a huge impact when the Huffington Post picked it up, and since publishing it, the mom and blogger has already received a response from the retail giant.

“I have been in touch with the Target Corporate Headquarters and I am so excited to report that they have read all of the comments that moms are leaving in response to that post,” Glese wrote in an update last week. “I am beyond thrilled announce that I am going to start working with Target towards change, starting in my own house. They have asked me to provide them with some specific feedback about children’s clothes and I am going to start a behind the scenes partnership with them to get more of what moms and girls want into their stores. Thank you Target for hearing our voices and taking our concerns very seriously!”

Since penning the letter, Glese also reportedly visited a Kohl’s store to check out their children’s section, and she found that it may have actually been worse than Target.

Sources: Daily Mail, Today Show, The Huffington Post


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