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Penn. Man Arrested; Smoked Pot at Hospital to Celebrate New Baby


By "Radical" Russ Belville

If it's a girl, sativa blunts. If it's a boy, indica blunts.

UNIONTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Police say a new father faces drug charges because he lit up a marijuana joint, instead of a cigar, to celebrate his child’s birth at a western Pennsylvania hospital.

Police aren’t identifying the man found smoking the pot in a designated smoking area of Uniontown Hospital Tuesday morning, but say he’ll face marijuana possession charges.

Uniontown police Sgt. Jonathan Grabiak tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that a nurse smelled the marijuana when she took a cigarette break in the same area, and a hospital security guard called police about 3:20 a.m.

Grabiak says the man told him, “I’m having a baby and wanted to get a buzz” and then pulled a bag of marijuana from his shoe.

This is why some people fear marijuana legalization.  They fear that it means random dudes will be smoking spliffs outside every building alongside the cigarette smokers.  They fear their kid asking “what’s that funny smell?” when they walk through the park to the playground.

I’m not saying their fear is justified, I’m just saying it exists.  In order to legalize marijuana, we are going to have to address their fears of public use.  Certainly lighting up a joint in the public smoking area of a hospital in Western Pennsylvania is not going to win us many converts.

I was going to be a bit more sympathetic to the guy until I read that he willingly handed over the bag of weed in his sock.  Never consent to a search, even if you’re caught red-handed smoking pot at the hospital!


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