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Pennsylvania Man Sentenced To Almost 700 Years Behind Bars For 'One Of The Worst Cases' Of Child Sexual Abuse

A Pennsylvania man was sentenced to nearly 700 years in prison for committing what a prosecutor described as, “one of the most egregious and horrific cases of child sexual abuse ever seen in a Chester County.”

Warren Earl Yerger Sr. was sentenced to 339 to 690 years in Common Pleas Court on June 17. The sentence that will confine the 52-year-old to a state prison for the remainder of his life was handed down by Judge William P. Mahon in the Chester County Justice Center. 

Although state law prevented the judge from imposing a full life sentence due to the nature of the charges, Mahon nevertheless crafted a sentence to ensure Yerger is behind bars until the day he dies.

The suburban Philadelphia man was found guilty of the horrific cases of child sex abuse in December. According to CBS Philly, Yerger was convicted on more than 100 counts stemming from the physical and sexual abuse of four children who were in his care.

The abuse is reported to have occurred at residences in Chester, Berks, McKean and Montgomery counties from 1989 to 2012. Officials say the victims, two boys and two girls, were as young as 3 years old.

Yerger received consecutive jail terms for each of the four victims on the multiple charges of the two first-degree felonies he was found guilty of: rape and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse. He was reported to have maintained his innocence throughout the four-hour hearing.

Mahon says his sentence will have the same effect of a life sentence and underscores the gravity of Yerger’s crimes, reported CBS Philly. According to PZ Feed, Yerger’s sentence is believed to be the longest ever handed down in a criminal case in the county.

“What I was looking for,” Mahon told Yerger before his sentencing, “was for you to accept responsibility. You have not. But the jury has imposed responsibility on you.”

According to PZ Feed, Mahon said that to impose any lesser sentence, or run all the terms concurrently, would reduce the impact that the crimes had on each individual victim.

“This case is one of the worst criminal cases in Chester County,” Deputy District Attorney Deborah Ryan, who prosecuted Yerger, wrote in her 17-page sentencing memo. “Through every degrading act he forced upon these innocent children, the defendant has earned a sentence that resonates through the fabric of our society.”

Source: PZ Feed, CBS Philly

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