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Pennsylvania Man James Paul Andrews Arrested for Barking at Police Dog

Pennyslvania man James Paul Andrews was arrested at a police checkpoint when he allegedly began barking at a police dog, which law officials say created chaos.

The 26-year-old of Cranberry Township was stopped at 2:40 a.m. during a drunk-driving checkpoint.

When Chaos, the dog trained to sniff out drunk drivers, approached Andrews, Andrews began “barking, hissing and growling” at the dog.

The account was verified by the K-9’s handler Sgt. Don Myers of Evan City police.

According to the Butler Eagle, Cranberry Township police filed charges against Andrews on Monday for inciting chaos and drunk driving.

Andrews could face up to seven years in prison for the first charge alone.

Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison was also arrested twice in five weeks for barking at a police dog.

The act, which he committed in July, is considered a felony.

Sources: The Blaze, Complex


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