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Pennsylvania Man Faces Charges After Beating Dog In Shocking Footage (Video)


A man caught on video beating, choking and whipping a dog is facing charges and a court hearing for the disturbing incident.

Luis Junior Cruz-Padro was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals after he was seen in a video punching and whipping a pit bull named Bugz. 28-year-old Cruz-Padro was videotaped on December 12 by two separate concerned residents in York, Pennsylvania. 

Bugz suffered a broken rib and bruising from the incident. 

The videos prompted public outcry and an investigation, which led to the suspect’s arrest. A group of people who watched the videos on Facebook reportedly went to the home where the incident took place and took custody of the dog, against SPCA and police protocol. 

“They did say they were a rescue group; but again, that dog is evidence ... and needs to be with the authorities,” York Couty SPCA executive director Melissa Smith said after the videos surfaced. 

Smith called the release of the videos “almost counter-productive,” as the dogs’ seizure became a complex situation in itself. 

Bugz, as well as another dog at the home that could be seen in the video, were eventually placed in the custody of the SPCA. 

Cruz-Padro is scheduled for an arraignment on February 12. The charge against him is punishable by a $1,000 fine and/or two years in jail.

Sources: YDR (2), YouTube / Photo credit: YDR 

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