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Pennsylvania Man David Delladonne Cleared Under Castle Doctrine Shooting

David Delledonne, 59, of Berks County, Pa., has been cleared of all charges after he fired his gun at a home invader.

Back in March, 22-year-old Carlos Vasquez began banging on Delledonne’s trailer home in order to see Delledonne’s daughter, who was Vasquez’s ex-girlfriend. Vasquez had two friends with him at the time.

Delledonne’s lawyer, Brian Collins, explained that Delledonne “gave three or four warnings at the door. He was saying, 'I have a weapon and I will use it if you don't go.'”

Delledonne held true to his promise. When Vasquez finally broke through the door, Delledonne fired a warning shot in Vasquez’s direction. The bullet grazed Vasquez’s head but did not cause any serious injury.

But the trouble was just beginning for Delledonne. Authorities charged Delledonne with reckless endangerment and simple assault.

Collins was able to speak with the prosecutor and have all of the charges dropped.

"I talked with the assistant district attorney, and he agreed to nolle prose the charges, which means to withdraw the charges," Collins said. "It's a good decision, too. It's a clear Castle Doctrine case."

Castle Doctrine allows a homeowner to use deadly force to protect himself, his family or his property from a home intruder. Based on the available evidence, this was indeed a cut-and-dry Castle Doctrine case. Delledonne might have even gotten away with it if he had taken a lethal shot against Vasquez.

Delledonne will not end up in jail, but he still might have trouble piecing his life together following the incident. Delledonne was fired from his job as a security officer following the event, and as a result he had to give up his rented mobile home. Ironically, he no longer has a castle to defend.

Source: Go Erie


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