Pennsylvania Man Charged With Most Brutal Assault Of Yea

A man in Lititz, Pennsylvania was arrested and charged with assault after setting his girlfriend’s genitals on fire.

Reports say that the female victim went to a local emergency room to receive treatment for burns as well as bruising and other injuries, and police then began an investigation. It was soon discovered that 46-year-old Donald Dale Hackman Jr. assaulted his girlfriend over the course of several days.

Hackman allegedly beat the woman repeatedly with his fists and at one point even employed the use of a belt. The man also reportedly locked the woman’s seven-year-old son in the closet for some time after he attempted to save his mother from the violent attack. At one point, Hackman decided to pour lighter fluid on the woman’s genitals and light them on fire. Hackman yelled at her for screaming and crying during the time she was lit on fire, and eventually, he extinguished the flames.

Once at the hospital, it was determined that the victim suffered from second and third-degree burns to her lower stomach, inner thighs, and genitals.

Hackman has since been arrested and officially charged with felony arson, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and misdemeanor simple assault. He is currently being held at the Lancaster County prison on $500,000 bond.

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