Pennsylvania Man Carries .357 In Pocket, Shoots Self In Leg When Reaching For Grocery Money


A Reading, Penn., father of two shot himself in the leg last week when he accidentally fired a gun inside a grocery store.

While authorities told WFMZ Channel 69 News, which reported the story, that the man was licensed to carry a firearm, the manner in which he was carrying it could lead to questions as to how responsible some gun owners actually are.

At the C-Town Supermarket at around 3:45 Thursday afternoon, the man — whose name has not been made public — was taking his two kids shopping for groceries and had finished when he was waiting at the cash register to check out.

When it came time to pay, he reached in his pocket, presumably for his wallet. But perhaps he forgot, he was carrying a .357 caliber revolver in that pocket. When he jammed his hand in there with the gun it went off, sending shoppers scrambling for cover.

“All I could think of was getting my kids to the back of the store,” said one alarmed mom who didn’t expect that kind of stress when shopping for her family.

The man’s two kids were right next to him when the gun went off. But neither was hurt. The bullet penetrated the man’s leg instead.

Paramedic were called and the man was rushed via ambulance to a nearby hospital. No word has been given as to his condition.

Pennsylvania does issue concealed carry permits, but gun experts and even some non-experts say that if you must carry a concealed weapon, it’s better to carry it in a holster. Don’t just stuff it in your pocket.



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