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Pennsylvania Man Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Have Sex With Horses

Michael Crawford allegedly traveled from Pennsylvania to Phoenix, Arizona, for the  purpose of having sex with a horse.

In 2014, 68-year-old Crawford posted an ad online hoping to fulfill his equine desires, but instead of meeting the horse owner he believed had answered him, he was greeted by an undercover deputy.

During an undercover sting last week, when Crawford arrived in Arizona. the deputy took Crawford to a trailer that contained two ponies. He was then arrested on suspicion of a bestiality charge, a class 6 felony, The Arizona Republic reported.

During the course of the undercover investigation, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said detectives learned Crawford had been aroused by horses for years and began engaging in bestiality in 1970.

He’d traveled extensively to find horse owners who were willing to allow him to engage in sexual acts with their animals, KPHO reported.

Crawford also told an undercover deputy he would bring five shirts to Phoenix. He allegedly planned to let the horse urinate on the cloth and send the shirts back to Pennsylvania, so he could wear them for the purposes of arousal.

"Perversion has reached a new level," Arpaio said. He added that Crawford didn't understand why he was being arrested as he had not engaged in any sex acts with the horses presented to him by the undercover deputy.

"I take this crime seriously," Arpaio said. "It is part of my office's fight against animal abuse. These animals are not meant to be sex toys for the perverted." 

Sources: KPHO, The Arizona Republic / Image credit: Wikimedia Commons


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