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Pennsylvania Fishermen Catch 53-Inch Musky While Ice Fishing

Fishermen in Northwest Pennsylvania made the catch of the season while fishing on Pymatuning Reservoir. Nicholas Colangelo and Luke Wholey caught a 53-inch musky that barely fit through the ten-inch whole they had drilled through the ice.

Colangelo, who is from Pittsburgh, told KDKA-TV, “The weight was unbelievable, I’ve caught a lot of muskies, but never felt anything like this.”

Colangelo described how he and his best friend had spent the night in their fishing shack before the musky took the bait. He said it took him about thirty minutes to reel it in by hand. Even then, he struggled to do it alone.

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“We brought it in through a 10-inch hole in the ice, and it barely fit through the hole,” described Colangelo.

He continued, “I couldn’t do any of it without Luke.”

Colangelo said they measured the fish and took a few photos with it before releasing it back into the reservoir. The fish was out of the water for only about ninety seconds.

Colangelo explained, “These big fish are so rare, and so old, it’s really important that we let them go.”

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The men were not able to weigh the fish but are attempting to break the state record of 54 pounds. It was set in 1949. He said, “In three to five years, this fish could break the state record.”

However, breaking the state record is not Colangelo’s only reason for fishing. “I just do it because I love fishing, and I love being outside,” he explained.

Sources: The Blaze, CBS Pittsburgh / Photo Source: CBS Pittsburgh


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