Pennsylvania Drug Dealer Charged With 5,118 Counts Of Sexual Abuse


A Pennsylvania man has been charged with over 5,000 counts of sexual abuse.

The man, 55-year-old Donald C. Burrell, is currently in jail on a $2.2 million bond. He is accused of sexually abusing a girl from 1991-2012. The victim was just seven years old when the abuse began.

Burrell was charged with 2,870 counts of rape and 2,248 counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse. He was also charged with eight counts of child pornography possession and another eight counts of photographing a child in a prohibited sexual act.

Did we mention he’s a drug dealer too? Burrell has also been charged with 25 counts of delivery of a controlled substance and an additional count each of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and delivery of a controlled substance. Towanda, Pennsylvania police believe Burrell distributed over 700 grams of bath salts between 2011-2013.

Police were first tipped off to Burrell’s criminal activity after he was assaulted by Blake Dieffenbach in 2011. Dieffenbach told police he assaulted Burrell after a drug deal between the two fell apart.

While investigating the assault, police found evidence of narcotic possession and distribution throughout Burrell’s home. This led to further investigations, which soon uncovered the man’s deplorable sexual abuse history.

Burrell was arraigned in district court and is being held in Bradford County Correctional Facility. A preliminary court hearing is pending.

Sources: Star Gazette, The Daily Review


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