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Pennsylvania Couple's Corpses Discovered By Son, Mutilated With Chainsaws

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A 14-year-old boy discovered his parents' dead bodies in their Pennsylvania home on Tuesday afternoon. Their bodies were found marred with chainsaw scars, according to authorities.

The teen told police officers that he discovered the bodies after returning home.

Following the autopsy of the estranged couple's bodies, the coroner ruled their deaths a murder-suicide. 

The boy's father, Christopher Peppelman, 48, allegedly murdered the boy's mother, Nicole Peppelman, 43, before committing suicide. 

Both bodies had been mutilated with a chainsaw, inflicting a "gaping wound" on Nicole's abdomen, as well as signs of being choked and stabbed on her neck, according to ABC 6. 

Authorities say that Christopher turned the chainsaw on himself, inflicting a wound to his abdomen and right side. 

According to the local station, the couple had a strained relationship, which culminated in the two separating, with Nicole living with the children to her parents' house. 

As of now, authorities are unsure as to why Christopher and Nicole met with each other that day.

They had three sons together: the 14-year-old, one in third grade and another in sixth grade.

The family's pastor, the Rev. Eric Carswell, told reporters the community is reeling from the shock of the situation.

"How do you help them make sense of something that is just so different from what we would want?" Carswell asked.

"Both parents had really cared for their kids in so many ways and had been so involved," he continued. "It was partially a connection through sports that so many knew them. And just a huge sadness at the loss."

The boys are currently with family at their grandparents' home.

Source: ABC 6 / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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