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$300,000 Worth Of Marijuana Accidently Sent To Pennsylvania Clothing Store

A clothing store in Pennsylvania received two packages on Tuesday and one on Wednesday, and to the store manager’s shock, each package contained 30 pounds of marijuana.

According to reports, the 90 pounds of marijuana that was sent to the store over two days has a street value of around $300,000. City Blue, a clothing store in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, was the unlucky recipient of the unwanted packages.

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“In this particular case, we get a legitimate store employee almost have a heart attack when he sees what's delivered and he calls police right away,” Superintendent Michael Chitwood of the Upper Darby Police told ABC 6 News.

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Authorities were able to determine that the shipment came from California and the sender appeared to mistakenly send the large amount of weed to the store twice without realizing it.

“Somebody is missing a lot of marijuana,” said Chitwood. “It's the Christmas season, more and more packages are being delivered so more and more attempts are being made to deliver whether it's cocaine, heroin and marijuana.”

Police are investigating locally to determine who the intended recipient was supposed to be, and additionally, they are working with California police to identify the sender.

Sources: Daily Mail,, ABC 6 News / Photo Sources:, Daily Mail


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