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Should Teacher Natalie Munroe be Fired for Trashing Students?

A Pennsylvania high school teacher has been suspended after it was discovered she was using her blog to trash her students.

The Central Bucks School District suspended Natalie Munroe with pay on Wednesday when parents complained about what she has written on her blog for more than a year now.

According to the district, phrases on the blog include:

-- “Frightfully dim”
-- “Rat-like”
-- “Am concerned your kid is going to open fire on the school”
-- “I hate your kid”
-- “Seems smarter than she actually is”

In a post from January 2010, Munroe said she would like to call students “lazy,” “sneaky” and “rude" on their report cards, rather than the “canned comments” which are provided by the school district.

District spokeswoman Carol Counihan said Munroe admitted to writing the blog.

Munroe is not finding any support among parents or her students.

“I think she should be fired. Hopefully that is what will happen,” said parent Wendy Yazujian.

“I thought she was smarter than that, to put that on the Internet for everyone to see that and let her kids read that,” said student Shannon Carroll.

“It’s hard to know that you sat in her class for an hour and a half a day and for her to feel that way it is like, it is an awful feeling,” student Alli Woloshyn said.

“For a teacher to be like that is just beyond me. Why would you be with children if you are feeling that negative about everything they do? Basically she was bashing all the kids,” said Kelly Woloshyn a parent.

Munroe started teaching at the high school in 2006. Her blog has since been shut down.


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