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Penguin Fights Cheating Wife's Lover (Video)

A bloody fight between two male penguins after the husband caught the other being intimate with his wife has caused a stir amongst viewers (video below).

The National Geographic video, titled “Homewrecking Penguin” and produced as part of Nat Geo Wild, shows what happens when a penguin catches his wife with another male.

The video begins with the narrator explaining how every September, 200,000 penguins make nests and breed, noting that life for penguins is good as it shows footage of them frolicking on a beach.

Things then take a dark turn.

“But this husband has come home to find his wife with another penguin,” the narrator explains, as a fight breaks out.

“He flips out,” the narrator says. “His strategy is simple: Battle the homewrecker until he flees.”

The violent battle between the penguins continues, as the narrator explains how most birds have hollow bones for flight, but penguins flippers contain solid bone since they do not fly.

Penguins use their flippers like “baseball bats” to club each other, “delivering up to eight blows a second."

The blows being inflicted by the two male penguins soon draw blood.

The penguins reach a “stale mate” in their fight, as the narrator explains that they are calling to the female penguin so she may decide who is victorious.

The female penguin approaches the two male penguins and looks them both over before choosing the homewrecker.

However, the husband refuses to give up, and follows his wife and the homewrecker back to the nest.

The homewrecker is in the burrow, so the husband uses his beak to attack, bloodying the homewrecker's face.

Both penguins soon gouge out each other’s eyes.

The attack grows more violent and bloody as the two penguins continue fighting at the nest, with their white coats covered in blood.

The husband makes one final plea to his wife, but “she’s got no time for losers,” the narrator states. The husband has lost the fight and leaves his wife and the homewrecker to be together.

But there is hope for the now single husband.

“In a colony of nearly a quarter of a million, there are plenty more fish in the sea,” the narrator says.

Viewers took to social media to express their sadness for the husband and anger at his wife, according to tweets obtained by the Daily Mail.

“Goodnight to everyone except that female penguin who cheated on her husband,” one viewer tweeted.

“I hope a predator kills the female penguin and the homewrecker," another wrote. "YEAH I SAID IT."

Some decided to share their emotions with GIFs and photos.

One user tweeted a GIF of a man sobbing on a couch with the caption, "Me when she chose the homewrecker penguin instead of the husband penguin."

Someone even started a parody Twitter account for the wife penguin.

“I feel very sad,” a Nov. 5 tweet from Wife Penguin reads. "I’ve made a terrible mistake

Her account already has more than 4,000 followers after 237 tweets, and is not without humor.

“All I ever wanted was to live happily ever after, is that too much to ask for?” another tweet by Wife Penguin reads.

Sources: Nat Geo Wild, Daily Mail, David McGreevy/Twitter, Wife Penguin/Twitter (2) / Photo credit: Nat Geo Wild/YouTube

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