During an appearance before the Veterans of Foreign Wars group, Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence chided the July 25 speakers at the Democratic National Convention for not referencing the Islamic State.

On July 26, Pence and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump addressed thousands of the group's members in Charlotte, North Carolina. Taking to the podium, Pence blasted the Democratic speakers for not mentioning ISIS during the first day of the party’s national convention, according to ABC News.

“It is extraordinary to think that yesterday in Philadelphia 61 speakers came to the podium and not one of the named ISIS by name,” Pence said.

GOP lawmakers have frequently levied criticism against the Democrats for the semantics of how they describe Islamic terrorism, accusing them of not identifying the enemy.

Pence gestured to Trump, telling the veterans group, “This man will name our enemies without apology and he will defeat them.”

On July 15, Pence signaled that Trump would be prepared to deploy the U.S. military into the Middle East to fight ISIS militants.

“We’ve got to exercise the full strength of the United States of America,” Pence told Fox News. “Diplomatically and militarily.”

The vice presidential nominee added that combating ISIS would be the priority of Trump’s first day in office.

“We know where the enemy is,” Pence continued. “And I think you're going to see day one that he becomes president of the United States, Donald Trump is going to bring his military advisers in and say put options on the table. And a Trump administration will support military action to crush ISIS."

During a July 17 interview with “60 Minutes,” Trump accused Clinton of being directly responsible for the creation of ISIS, an assertion that the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checker Politifact found to be false.

“Hillary Clinton invented ISIS with her stupid policies,” Trump said. “She is responsible for ISIS.”

Politifact rated Trump’s accusation false, noting that ISIS’ origins stretch back to 2004, four years before Clinton was Secretary of State. The fact-checker ruled Trump's assertion that Clinton was solely responsible for the formation of ISIS was incorrect.

Sources: ABC News, Fox NewsPolitifact / Photo Credit: Mark Taylor/Flickr

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