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VP Pence Is The Only Politician That Americans Favor

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National politics has become a grueling proposition in America, and the evidence is in the national public opinions of politicians. Yet, in the current political climate, one politician seems to be fairing well: Vice President Mike Pence.

According to USA Today, a recent Gallup poll found that every single political figure rated by Americans was given a generally unfavorable rating. Everyone, that is, except Pence. The vice president received 47 percent favorable impressions of him, while 35 percent of respondents had unfavorable impressions.

"President Mike Pence," author and actor Albert Brooks tweeted on March 5. "The president, Mike Pence. President Pence. President and Mrs. Michael Pence. I was just practicing."

In contrast, Pence's boss, President Donald Trump, received a 47 percent unfavorable rating, and only 45 percent favorable. Trump's former rival Hillary Clinton also fared poorly. The Democratic presidential hopeful received a 35 percent favorability rating, and a 55 percent unfavorable one.

Clinton's fellow female Democratic leader, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, scored 34 percent for in both favorable and unfavorable ratings.

According to Gallup, President Trump's approval rating stands at 42 percent, as of March 7, one point down from the previous day, and his disapproval rating has ticked up to 53 percent.

And how does Congress fare in all this?

According to The Hill, a Gallup poll released March 8 notes that Congress hit 24 percent approval -- four points down from February.

When split along party lines, Republicans far outweigh favorability votes for Congress. Republicans approval of Congress by 43 percent, as opposed to 12 percent of Democrats who said the same.

Regardless, a 24 percent approval rating is a full seven points higher than the 17 percent approval average the legislative branch got in 2016. Yet, 15 points below the decade's high water mark of 39 percent approval in March 2009, shortly after the first-term inauguration of former President Barack Obama.

Sources: USA Today (2), Gallup, The Hill, Albert Brooks/Twitter / Photo credit: Rick Wood/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA Today

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