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Pelosi Calls On FBI To Investigate Trump, Russia Ties

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After the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on Feb. 13, Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wants further investigation into the Cabinet of President Donald Trump.

"The truth and consequences of the Russia connection: The American people deserve to know the full extent of Russia’s financial, personal and political grip on President Trump and what that means for our national security," Pelosi said in a statement. "Flynn’s resignation is a reflection of the poor judgment of President Trump and demands answers to the grave questions over the President’s involvement. By what authority did Flynn act and to whom did he report?"

She added: "The FBI must accelerate its investigation of the Russian connection with the Trump Administration, and Congress must call for a bipartisan, independent, outside commission to fully investigate Russia’s influence on the Administration and the election."

Flynn resigned after reports that he had conversations with the Russian ambassador, one month before Trump took office, regarding sanctions imposed during the last days of the Obama administration.

Democrats have been trying to depict Trump as in too deep with Russia since the middle of the 2016 presidential election when suspected Russian hackers allegedly broke into the Democratic National Committee's computer servers and released embarrassing emails about the political organization's operations.

Since then, several more allegations have arisen, including a dossier full of allegations that were compiled by a former British spy but unverified by U.S. intelligence officials. 

And with Flynn's resignation, Democrats give no sign they'll relent on the Russian connection allegations.

"Flynn's departure only matters if 1) he's followed by a mainstream, experienced replacement, 2) we get to bottom of the Trump/Russia story," tweeted Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut.

Sources: Nancy Pelosi, Chris Murphy/Twitter / Photo credit: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos/Wikimedia Commons

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