Peggy Hill Charged with Felony for Kissing Cop on Nose


Peggy Hill, 62, was recently charged with felony battery of a police officer after she allegedly kissed him on the nose last Saturday night in Bradenton, Florida.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputies came to Hill's home in response to an argument between Hill and a neighbor over a fence, noted

According to the police report, Hill "approached him and kissed [Sergeant Randy Lamb] on his nose against his will."

Sgt. Lamb reportedly "wiped off the saliva from his nose" and "gently” put Hill on the ground and handcuffed her.

Hill claimed that Sgt. Lamb “was being aggressive towards her” and  “the thought just popped in her head to kiss him on his nose, so she kissed him on his nose.”

Hill admitted that she drank “about 3 glasses of wine” before authorities showed up.

She was booked into the county jail early Sunday morning on a $5000 bond.



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