Peeping Tom Puts Orange County Neighborhood on High Alert


Parents in Orlando, Florida, are hiding their kids from a potential predator who remains on the loose. Recently, a father, who did not want to be identified, caught sight of a man watching his 8- and 11-year-old daughters through the window.

The father was mowing the lawn earlier in the day when he noticed a large dead patch of grass directly underneath his daughters’ window. He grew suspicious and went to investigate that same night, when he saw a man standing on a 30 lbs. cinderblock staring at his daughters inside the home. The peeping tom took off and the father was unable to catch him.

The neighborhood has been put on high alert as authorities continue to look for the peeping tom. “It's very scary," neighbor Charlene Murray told WKMG. "It's always been a quiet neighborhood and I've never had any problems. I lived here for 25 years.”

The neighborhood is also very close to Conway Elementary School.

“[The father] came by and waved at me. He said he caught a guy looking through his windows and chased him across the street,” said Sasha Vuckovic, who lives in the neighborhood. “They need to get this guy off the streets.”

Local police say the man escaped by hopping over a neighbor's fence, but they have not found any clues that may help them find him. Orange County police deputies said they found fingerprints believed to belong to the perpetrator, rubber gloves, footprints and a napkin with the man’s DNA.

Despite police action, the neighborhood is taking precautions to protect their children.

“My next door neighbor, her kids had to sleep in the living room last night because she was afraid someone would peep in their windows,” said Murray.

The father has since put a black sheet over his daughters’ window.

Source: WKMG

Image via, Flickr


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