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Pedestrian Decapitated By Heavy Goods Vehicle

A pedestrian was decapitated after a tragic collision with a heavy goods vehicle today in Manchester, England.

The man has yet to be identified but was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident due to his severe injuries. Authorities were called to the accident at 2:45 p.m. where they found the man’s body on Wellington Road South in the Stockport City Centre.

Multiple road closures followed the accident, and a spokesperson for the Greater Manchester Police commented saying, “Road closures are currently in place on Wellington Road South, Greek Street, Lowfield Road, Longshut Lane, Buxton Road, Bramhall Lane and Junction Road and will prevent any northbound or southbound traffic on the A6 until 7.45pm at the earliest.”

The Serious Collision Investigation Unit will be looking into the accident between the lorry driver and the pedestrian.

Sources: The Mirror / Photo Credit: Terry Waller


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