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PBS New York Creates Ad Campaign Mocking State Of Reality TV

Somebody had to say it, and PBS finally did. As the state of reality TV continues to devolve with each new television season, New York PBS station Thirteen started an awareness campaign poking fun at how ridiculous the premise for TV shows has become. The ads began appearing in subway stations around New York City this week.

The mock ads for shows like “Bayou Eskimos” and “Married To A Mime” each feature the tagline, “The fact that you thought this was a real show says a lot about the state of TV.”

It’s about time someone provided a wakeup call: how much Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor can we possibly have jammed into our heads?

The good news is that some of the longest running reality shows like American Idol (debuted in 2002) and Survivor (debuted in 2001) are dying a slow death, finally seeing enough of a dip in ratings to potentially kill them off, making it the perfect time for PBS to strike.

“It’s pretty scary when you look out there and see what’s on television these days,” Jeff Anderson, Executive Creative Director at CHI & Partners NY(the ad agency that created the campaign) said in a release. “If New Yorkers want an inspiring and educational option, they need to get behind a network that we sometimes take for granted.”

Sources: InsideTV, Uproxx


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