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Paying It Forward: Pennsylvania Woman Touched By Burger King Manager's Act Of Kindness

A Pennsylvania woman says she was so touched by a Burger King restaurant manager’s act of kindness that she decided to return the favor by doing something nice for the manager. 

WGAL News is calling it another act in the spirit of “Pay It Forward” — the idea that a beneficiary of a good deed should perpetuate a pattern of kindness by doing another good deed. 

For Sonya Frey that opportunity came recently when she walked into a York County Burger King and realized she didn’t have enough money on her to cover her bill. 

Frey told WGAL that, first, her bank card was declined when she tried to pay her $15 bill. Then, she said, she realized she was only carrying about $10 in cash. She would later find out her bank account was empty because of fraudulent activity. 

She told the cashier she would like to change her order to something she could afford. 

That’s when the manger of the restaurant stepped in and told Frey she would take care of the full order and that there was no need to change it. 

Frey, a self-described “couponer,” told WGAL she was so thankful for the manager’s thoughtfulness that she gathered a load of household items including soap, laundry detergent, fabric softener, razors and toothpaste and dropped it off at the restaurant. 

“I'm just still in awe that there are still nice, selfless people left in this world," she said. "We hear so many negative things happening in the world, and so it was quite amazing to have this happen.”

WGAL also posted the story to its Facebook page. In the story’s comments section, Frey said she was the one who contacted he news outlet about the story.

“I contacted them because of the selfless act of the manager,” she wrote. 

And in so doing she might just have been trying do a little more to make the world a happier place. 

To one Facebook user who questioned whether the story was newsworthy, Frey said that it couldn’t hurt for people to hear a little good news and that “maybe people wouldn't be so negative all the time if we heard more stories like this.”

Sources: WGAL NewsFacebook: WGAL

Photo Credit: Flickr/Mike Mozart


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