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Paul McCartney Says Being a Vegetarian is "Easy"

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By Logan Scherer

I'm convinced that there actually are eight days in Paul McCartney's week. How else does the world's hottest sexagenarian find the time to do all the work he does for animals? The latest in his long line of animal-friendly efforts? Paul lent his legendary voice to our newest exposé, which shatters through the brick and mortar of slaughterhouses and factory farms to show people what really happens to animals before they end up on people's dinner plates. In the video, Paul states, "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian."

And, in a PETA Files exclusive interview, you can hear what Paul has to say about how easy it is to go vegetarian—especially in London, which we recently named the most vegetarian-friendly city in the world—and learn about the thrill he gets from eating cruelty-free:

Can't get enough of this music icon and friend to animals? Me neither. Enter our contest to win a copy of Beatles Rock Band for the opportunity to hang with Paul (and John, Ringo, and George) in your living room every night. And remember if the jet-setting, always-on-the-run crooner can find the time to help animals, so can you.


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