Ricin Suspect Paul Kevin Curtis Released, Performs On CNN


Investigators are looking into whether a feud between a martial arts instructor and the Elvis impersonator falsely accused of sending ricin-laced letters to President Barack Obama became far too serious.

Before releasing Elvis-lover Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, from jail on Tuesday, authorities descended on the home of 41-year-old Everett Dutschk to look into whether he was involved in sending the letters. Curtis and Dutschk were allegedly involved in some sort of strange feud. They also searched a martial arts studio that was once operated by Dutschke on Wednesday. No further arrests have been made in the case, The Blaze reported.

Curtis appeared on CNN to discuss the situation.

“It can destroy you or it can thrust you into the lime light,” Curtis explained. “I’ve seen pieces of television shows where someone was taken from their home and falsely arrested or something happened and no one knew who they were. They might have been a lawnmower repairman, and the next thing you know, they are in Washington performing for the president. You know, so this thing could flip and I could become the next best thing since sliced bread.” He then gave everyone a taste of his talents by performing a Randy Travis song.

A video of the performance is below:

Sources: The BlazeRaw Story


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